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hello division 14.

Microsoft Word Editing Practice Day 3



Watch Division 14's 1.06.20 update.



Thanks to everyone who brought their books back last week. If you haven't yet, a library bin is outside the front of Heritage for book returns. Congratulations to everyone who completed the 100 km challenge! If you haven't uploaded your tracking page to FreshGrade yet, you have until the end of Monday to submit it. I will be sending a message to all those receiving prizes this week and will announce the official winner next week. Excellent job keeping active! Printed package of our learning check-list, Math pages, and Language Arts pages are available outside Heritage for pick up if you're interested in having one.

Our optional Zoom time this week is on Monday @ 1:00.

Have a wonderful week of learning and enjoy the long weekend

(Monday June 8th is intermediate report card writing day so there's no school for you!)


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No school for intermediate students on Monday, June 8th.

Reminder: Please return all Heritage library books!

Congratulations to Arianna, Markus, Rachael, Sydney, Dusty & Lily for completing the 100 km challenge. An extra shout-out goes to Sydney for tracking 184.1 km! We are working on Core Competency self reflections this week. If possible, please drop your completed Core Competency reflection off at Heritage in the bin labelled Beer. Printed copies of our .pdf digital files are available outside Heritage for pick up. If you would like to pick up a package (and haven't notified me on a previous week) please send me a message so I can make sure there are enough. Our optional Zoom this week is on Tuesday @ 9:30. Have a wonderful week of learning!


Watch Division 14's 15.06.20 update.


Thanks to everyone who completed their Core Competency self-assessment last week. If you haven't brought your completed copy to the Beer bin outside Heritage, please drop it off as soon as possible. I can take a scanned .pdf if you're unable to make it to the school.

Friday is SPORTS DAY! You have two options: 

  1. Build an obstacle course in your backyard that includes a variety of different exercises. Have fun with it and don't be afraid to make it challenging. Test it out, then challenge your family to try it!

  2. See how many sports you can play in just one day. You need to play the sport for at least 30 minutes for it to count. Examples: basketball, dance, lacrosse, biking, gymnastics, soccer. Any sport that gets you moving counts!

After, send me a message so I can see what you did! I can't wait to see how you spend your day. 


I hope you enjoy a fantastic second last week of school.


Watch Division 14's 22.06.20 update.


Welcome to our final week of school before summer break! Learning activities posted for this week are optional. If you're not scheduled for an in-school day this week, your final report card will be available to pick-up outside Heritage on Wednesday, June 24th from 8:30 to 2:30. Make sure you also stop by Portable 1 on Wednesday to say good-bye and start your summer off with a treat from me.  

Have a wonderful last week!

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