to portable one.


hello division 14.

We're on a new learning adventure.

While I really miss seeing your faces, I'm thankful I get to experience remote learning with such a fantastic class.

If you have any questions about our weekly check-list or just want to talk, please never hesitate

to contact me. I love hearing from you and finding out what you've been up to.

Update: Thanks to Ms. Stewart and the amazing Heritage team, all classrooms have been packed up.

If you are concerned that something was missed, please send me a message.


weekly check list.

I'm so glad you're here! Bellow you will find your learning check-list for the week. Evidence of learning is due the following Monday of each week. You're welcome to submit completed evidence through FreshGrade before it's due though. Don't forget to watch our video announcement for the week and check out the optional Applied Design challenge.

Happy learning!


Welcome back to school - I'm excited to try something new with you. This is a completely optional week. Click on the yellow learning check-list to see some suggestions.


Watch Division 14's week update.

This is our first official week of remote learning! On Tuesday, please set up your FreshGrade account - your access code is on your page of usernames and passwords. Practice uploading a document by posting your favourite picture from Easter. Practice commenting on a post by telling me why the photo is your favourite. Please checkout the Learning checklist posted above and use this website

to support your learning. If you have any questions, contact me. Have a wonderful week!

Watch Division 14's 20.04.20 update.

Oops - I made a mistake in the video! Find me on Prodigy Monday between 11-12 (not 10-11) if you can.


What a beautiful weekend! I hope you and your family enjoyed the sunshine. I want to hear about it. Please check into FreshGrade to tell me your favourite part of the weekend - post a photo if possible. Click on our learning check-list to see what else we have for this week. Have you checked out the YouTube Heritage video yet? If not, click the link below - we really miss you! Ms. Morris, Ms. Bonin & Ms. Creamore have posted extra learning opportunities on their Heritage websites as well. Feel free to check them out this week if you're looking for something extra to do (their links are under "this week" on our webpage.) Have a wonderful week!

Watch Division 14's 27.04.20 update.


I hope you enjoyed a fantastic long weekend! For this week's check-in, describe your favourite part of your home. Check into FreshGrade and post a picture if you can. It was fun seeing some juggling skills develop last week. I've posted a few videos below to share with you. This week's extra Applied Design challenge comes with a bonus. If you log into EverFi and win the science Stanley Cup with the Canucks, I will deliver

a Jumbo Freezie to your house next week! Have a wonderful week of learning.

An honourable mention goes to Mike, Neve & Liliana for tackling the challenge as well!


Watch Division 14's 04.05.20 update.

May the 4th be with you.


Thanks for checking in and continuing with your remote learning. Zoom starts this week! We have an optional time to say hi and play a game Monday @ 10, and an optional Zoom learning support time Wednesday @ 10. Meeting links were emailed out Monday morning. This week's extra Applied Design challenge involves a bit of creativity. I will be posting a digital art gallery of all masterpiece recreations next week. 

Have a wonderful week of learning.

Congratulations Sydney, Cora, Neve, Rachael & Eva on going above and beyond and earning the Science Stanley Cup!

Jumbo Freezies are being delivered Tuesday.

100Km May long challenge with the Hospice Society.

Let's get moving this May. Use the template below to log your total distance traveled. 

If you successfully complete the challenge, I will deliver a prize to you at the end of the month. 


Watch Division 14's 11.05.20 update.


Thanks for checking in!  We have a fun geography Zoom time Monday @ 10. See if you can recognize where in the world I am. Have a digital photo of a favourite place you have visited or hope to visit one day ready to use as your virtual background.  Zoom support is set for Thursday @ 1:00 - come say hi if you can. Meeting links were emailed out on Sunday. For this week's extra Applied Design challenge, join me in upcycling an old t-shirt by turning it into a bag. Check out the masterpiece recreation from last week and don't forget to keep recording your kilometres for the 100 km challenge. Have a wonderful week of learning.


Watch Division 14's 19.05.20 update.


I hope you enjoyed the long weekend!  We have a fun Jeopardy Zoom time Tuesday @ 10. The meeting link was emailed out on Monday. For this week's extra Applied Design challenge, see how large of a slime bubble you can make. Go to our Applied Design page to find out more and watch a video of the slime bubble I made! Can you beat it? Don't forget to keep recording your kilometres for the 100 km challenge.

Have a wonderful week of learning!


Watch Division 14's 25.05.20 update.



Starting this Monday, a library bin will be outside the front of Heritage for book returns. This is the last week for the 100 km challenge - make sure you record all the kilometres you travel this week. Jumbo Freezies go to all those who conquer the challenge and the student with the highest number of kilometres will also win a wiggling sprinkler. We have an optional Applied Design marble run this week. If you would like a printed package of our learning check-list, the Math and Language Arts .pdf learning guides, and the marble run template, please message me and I will have a packages outside Heritage waiting for you to pick up.

Have a wonderful week of learning!

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